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 List of MW3 Clans

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PostSubject: List of MW3 Clans   Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:59 pm

WICKED isn't the only clan.
People who fail the 1 month WCKD Recruitment Process can easily join any of the clans below, which are listed in Alphabetical Order.

777 - Call Mom For Help
CC - Cockless Cunts
COOL - Cockless Order Of Lesbians
DxD - Dick to Dick
DELTA - DICK: Eat, Lick, & Tickle Association
FBI - Fag Boys Incorporated
FEAR - Fags Eat Ass Relish
FED - Fags Eat Dick
GNOME - Gay Nudes Organization Masturbate & Ejaculate
GOW - Girls of War
KD - Kissing Dick
LG - Lesbians & Gays
MMA - Mens Masturbation Association.
SOF - Sluts Or Fags
WP - Wet Pussies
<3 - Gay Love
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List of MW3 Clans
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